Your culinary friend is ready to help.

The ShineWell Process

Introductory Call

We will get to know one another. There is no obligation; let's see if this is a good fit.

Planning Visit

You share with us what your needs and preferences are. You will receive your first menu and cook date.

Weekly Visits

We arrive each week for your cook date and leave your kitchen full of delicious meals.

Our Program

With extensive backgrounds in senior hospitality, and restaurant catering, we can prepare meals designed to support dietary goals, using peak season ingredients and trained chefs for restaurant taste.

Here are some of the benefits our clients experience:


Clients experience companionship as well are able to learn new things and re-create fond memories.

Delicious Food

With our expert use of culinary profiles, you will enjoy restaurant quality meals that only include the ingredients you prefer and none that you do not. We cultivate partnerships with local grocers to ensure the best and perfect amount of ingredients are always available.  

Tailored Meal Portions

We tailor meal portions so there is no waste while never feeling hungry. 


Regular check-ins to discuss your changing needs and update our program to ensure your complete satisfaction.